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First day of uni for 2011!

snow -5 °C

Today was my first day of uni at McGill! It was very similar to the first day of a new semester at Melbourne Uni. The lecturers introduced themselves, described the course, expectations, assessment, etc. so not incredibly interesting. However, the subjects themselves seem very interesting so hopefully I’ll enjoy them. The workload seems intense too with an essay, mid-term exam and final exam for all four subjects – it’s gonna be a challenge. Tonight I went to an exchange orientation session. The best bit about it was winning free tickets to a basketball and hockey game so can’t wait to go to them.

French word learnt today:
• Ville => city

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Introduction to McGill University

semi-overcast -3 °C

I didn’t get up to too much today. I went to an exchange information session at McGill, which was pretty boring, then went on a walk around the university. On my walk, I discovered an interesting and magnificent building. It looked like a castle in the middle of the university. I took photos of it and later discovered that it was a pump house that pumps water from the St Lawrence River to the city of Montreal – fascinating! For dinner that night I cooked a hearty meal. I cooked sausages (x3 Italian pork) with chips and vegies. The sausages were delicious but the chips were a bit hard, I need to work on that. Overall, I had a fantastic day.

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IKEA and some French lessons

overcast 3 °C

Today my roommate and I went to IKEA because he needed some parts for his bed. It was the first time I went to IKEA so it was a different experience to me. I quite like the idea of sampling what you want to buy then picking it up later but I don’t think the whole thing is for me – I prefer Kmart, Target or Myer. I’ve also been slowly improving my French. There’s so much French everywhere it’s hard to not pick up a few words. Below is a list of the vocabulary I’ve learnt so far. Hopefully I can build on this list in the next few months.

French vocabulary learnt:
• Rue => street
• Arrêt=> stop
• Fermé => closed
• Ouvert = open
• Chaud => hot
• Bienvenue => welcome
• Pour l’hiver => for the winter
• Sentier => path
• Chemin => road
• Escalier => stairs / steps

There’s also lots of words that are similar to English in their morphology so I can just guess their semantics from that. Although I can read and understand these words, I have no idea how to pronounce them.

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Mount Royal Lookout, Chalet & Cross

overcast 4 °C

This is my first entry for 2011 ☺. I had a great day walking up Mount Royal this time. I walked up to the lookout where I could see the entire downtown Montreal – it was magnificent. On my walk I saw another squirrel, they seem to be everywhere. I learnt some more French on my travels and walked inside a beautiful chalet on Mount Royal. I also saw the massive cross on the mountain and took some great photos. I had a fantastic day.

Place visited:
• Mount Royal Park, Lookout, Chalet, Cross

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Snow in Mount Royal Park

overcast 2 °C

Today I walked through the beautiful, glistering snow in Mount Royal Park (or Parc du Mont-Royal in French). On my walk I saw a squirrel playing in the snow and was amazed at the freshness of the air. The park was a magnificent sight and I look forward to explore further and reach the summit in the near future. I arrived home at 4:30p.m. because it gets dark about 5p.m. and most days there’s no sun. That night, I had a delicious dinner of tortellini with free bread while watching the ice hockey – it was a fantastic meal to end off a great year.

Place visited:
• Mount Royal Park

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