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Snow in the Rocky Mountains

all seasons in one day

Upon leaving Cortez I stopped at Durango in Colorado to ride in a military humvee up through the San Juan Mountains in the Rocky Mountains. The ride was quite rough and freezing – none of us expected the temperatures to be less than 10C. When we got higher it even started snowing – yes SNOWING! In the middle of May! I thought I left that behind me in Montreal. It was definitely a memorable experience.

After the freezing drive up into the Rocky Mountains, it was back to the coach to Albuquerque, New Mexico with a brief stopover in Cuba, New Mexico (not the country haha).

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Grand Canyon from the air

sunny 18 °C

Today I had two different experiences of the Grand Canyon – the first was seeing the Grand Canyon from the air. I got my lifejacket case on (in case I needed it), saw the safety video and got strapped into my helicopter (which was red so it meant it went faster!). It was about a 5 minute ride to the Grand Canyon over the trees and when I saw the Canyon I was amazed, it was a completely different sight then seeing it from the ground. It was really wide and deep and I could see the Colorado River and its massive rapids. The flight lasted about half an hour and was really smooth and comfortable – I definitely want to ride again!

The other perspective I saw the Canyon was by bike. I rode around the south rim of the Canyon in a group. It was very easy as it was mainly downhill, much to my disappointed – I wanted to do some exercise!

After riding I actually went into the Canyon. I hiked about 500 metres into the Canyon and took some great shots. It takes about one full day to hike down into the bottom of the Canyon and one day to return – it is that huge!

The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the world everyone must see at least once in their lifetime!

First time activity:
• Riding in a helicopter
• Hiking down into the Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon

sunny 17 °C

Today I left Las Vegas for the Grand Canyon, Arizona. An interesting fact about Arizona is that it has the most number of health spas in the States. On my way to the Canyon I stopped over in Kingman, where I went to my first Walmart and saw rifles in a cabinet, and then stopped in Seligman, the start of the famous Route 66 which runs from Chicago to Santa Monica. One day I would like to drive the entire route!

It took most of the day to drive to the Grand Canyon, but the wait was definitely worth it! Upon seeing it, I was open-mouthed. It was enormous and its mixture of reds and greys were breathtaking. No photos do justice to the incredible beauty of the Grand Canyon, it must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

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My 21st in Vegas!

sunny 25 °C

I couldn’t have asked for anything more – I turned 21 in Las Vegas! Today was going to be epic! I spent the morning and early afternoon hitting The Strip with my friends. We explored the Bellagio, which had balloons suspended in the air, a Ferris wheel and a flower ceiling. We hit the Paris casino with the Eiffel Tower at the front, Monte Carlo, New York New York with the Statue of Liberty, Excalibur, a massive medieval castle, the Luxor Hotel with an enormous pyramid and sphinx and MGM Grand where we saw a lion exhibit.

We lunched at the Hard Rock Cafe – we had great food and it was a really cool place! On our walk back to our hotel, Corey and I bought a strawberry margarita yard glass and walked along The Strip and into shops drinking and drinking and drinking! The glass was so big I thought it was never going to end – we both got really drunk!

Before going back to the hotel, I hit the casino for my first time in Vegas. I went to the Flamingo and bet and lost $20 but it was no big deal because I gambled in VEGAS!!

That night we saw the water show at the Bellagio – it was wicked! Next was the V show at the V Theatre. It involved a collection of acts including comedians, acrobats, gymnasts and impressionists – I couldn’t stop laughing!

After the V show was the best part of the night, the hummer limousine. I got into a massive limousine and toured The Strip, drinking, hanging out of the window and watching the city go pass me. I also stopped by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign which was cool.

I celebrated my second birthday night by partying at the Luxor at the Cathouse – it was great! After leaving the Luxor past midnight I thought I might try my luck at the tables. I ended up winning $50 playing blackjack.

Today was the best day of my life! I had the greatest 21st birthday ever, drinking in public, gambling, partying with friends, limousine, being in Vegas! I will never forget this – it will live in me forever. I cannot wait to take Leon, Ben, Mark, James and everyone else – it must be lived to be believed!!

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Monument Valley

sunny 19 °C

That morning I departed the Grand Canyon, however, I got one last magnificent glimpse of it at Desert View from a watchtower. In the afternoon I toured Monument Valley in Utah and is inhabited by the Native Americans, particularly the Navajo people. Monument Valley is a essentially a desert with massive rocks appearing around the valley floor. As great as it was, after seeing the Grand Canyon for the previous two days I had enough of seeing rocks and sand.

After leaving Monument Valley I stopped briefly on Route 163 at the location where Forrest Gump ran in the movie Forrest Gump. It was then all systems go for Cortez, Colorado.

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